Thursday 10 January 2013

Sam's Top Secret Book Review

My name is Mia and Mummy bought me this book. I am 8 years old and a big sister like Jenny. I like reading. Here is my review.

What is the book's title?
Sam's Top Secret Journal.

Who is the author?
Dr Sean Adelman (who is actually Sam's Dad in real life).

What is the book about?
A girl called Sam is in the basketball final at her school and she wants to win for her Uncle Alex who is caming to stay when he returns from Iraq.
They also solve a crime and find the man who was stealing things.

Who are your favourite characters?
Sam, who has Down Syndrome, Jenny her cool older sister and John their annoying but clever little brother.

What was the best thing about this book?
I liked it when John put the spy tank under Sam's bed and got into a lot of trouble and ended up not going to his friend's house but had to stay with his Mum for a coffee morning. Boring!!!

Which 3 adjectives describe this book?
Well-written, exciting and easy to read.

Would you recommend this book to a friend?
I think I would recommend it to any girl in my class or any child with a brother or sister who has Down Syndrome. 

I read this book every night and morning and really enjoyed it! Thank you for writing this book and for asking me to write a review.


  1. Well done, loved reading your review *****

  2. I would check out this book and read if they have one in library.
    Thank you for the review!